testimonial_2Our realtor is Paula Traver. After seeking advice from different realtors on the coast, we were introduced to Paula through my sister. Martha spoke so highly of her and the minute we met her, we were sold! She is patient, thorough, energetic, a wonderful listener, and fun to be around! Paula is an excellent listener. That quality serves her well when she is called into discerning what the client is actually thinking…she could put our thoughts into words that made sense! Paula never seemed to tire of showing house after house, helping us narrow down our likes and dislikes until we found the perfect one. Most of all, we always felt she was honest and ethical with us…my husband is a General Contractor and really appreciates this quality in not only the business world, but daily living. She became our friend and someone we love to see and talk to still!

– Trish & Eddie Edwards


soffronoffIt was just sheer luck that we stopped and met Paula Traver while vacationing in HH in August 2011. She took time to listen to us “daydream” about what type of home we envisioned in Wexford. Throughout the winter she kept us informed of new and updated listings, but we never felt any pressure. We continued to correspond via e-mail, and when we were ready to make a decision, Paula arranged for us to visit eight homes over a weekend in May. During the visit, we decided to head in another direction – build our own home. She quickly found us the perfect lot in Wexford and arranged for us to meet a prospective builder on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend!

We purchased that lot and have engaged that builder. Paula made the transaction for us easy. She also helped our friends purchase a property this past summer, and we will continue to recommended her to everyone we know looking to buy a place in HH. Paula is truly a caring, hard-working realtor looking out for her clients best interests!

– Theresa Soffronoff


zeiserPaula is one of the many treasures we found on Hilton Head Island and we’re very glad to have made that discovery.

We have been vacationing on Hilton Head for over thirty years and have always had the dream of owning a home here. This year Paula made the dream come true.

We decided to “test the waters” of ownership and contacted Paula. We told her we were coming on vacation in July and would like to see some of the properties in our price range BUT that we weren’t ready to buy – we were just looking. Paula’s attitude was so positive and her response was “It doesn’t matter if you buy now or in a year or in ten years, I’m here to help you find what you want”. We gave Paula our likes (Plantation property, on the island, single house, one floor, three bedrooms, nice view) and our dislikes (crowds, traffic and high regime fees) although there are not many things to dislike about the island.

Well…. Paula put together a whirlwind tour of all the properties we wanted to see and arranged for us to see all of them on our schedule, not hers. Long story made short, we found our dream home, discussed and made an offer on the property, came to an agreement in three days and actually closed on the home on August 30th.

Paula was instrumental in making everything come together. She put us in contact with all the professionals we needed (attorney, insurance agencies, inspectors, etc.) and we were thankful for her expertise.

Without Paula’s help we may still have purchased on Hilton Head but not as quickly, as confidently or as comfortably as we did because of her efforts. The fact that she did not stop working for us when the house was ours is a testament to her professionalism.

We are grateful that we now know Paula as a friend.

– Bud and Kathy Zeiser


testimonialOn selling….
“Selling my home after my husband’s death was extremely difficult. Paula led the way and showed my beautiful home in a magnificent marketing manner. Only Paula could have as much enthusiasm and love of my home. We showed and sold it together.”

On buying….
“Paula and I discussed before hand what I really wanted. Her sensitivity to my situation was phenomenal. She showed me one home and she knew it would be perfect for me and it was.”

– Mary-Michaele Beltz


kimballsMy family and I first went to Hilton Head back in 2000 on a “free” timeshare weekend! I immediately fell in love with everything about the island and told my husband “one day we will have a place here!” He wasn’t convinced. I tend to fall in love with lots of places I visit!! After going back to Hilton Head Island a few more times I decided to look into finding a Hilton Head real estate agent. I went online, chose a random company and sent them an email. Well to my pleasure and surprise I got a response from a polite friendly lady named Paula. She asked me lots of questions and I told her my intention was to purchase something but I had no idea when or for how much. You see I wanted to buy something but my husband, and our checkbook, weren’t necessarily in agreement with me! Well for two years Paula and I corresponded. We became quite friendly via email due to the fact I was always looking online and asking her lots of questions about Hilton Head real estate property, locations, the island itself. July of 2005 I decided to venture down to Hilton Head Island with my son. Paula and I met for coffee, lunch, cocktails, and oh yeah, to look at Hilton Head real estate properties. Well, sure enough I found the perfect place for our family. Brought my husband to see it, had many conversations with Paula, and decided it was time. We have owned our condo for two years now and without Paula’s patience, expertise, friendship and support it would never have happened. We are eternally grateful to her for being such a great friend and one fantastic Hilton Head real estate agent!

– Wayne & Jennifer Kimball


gouldingsThe first time we visited Hilton Head Island was May 2004 to interview International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) and Heritage Academy for our then 16 year old son, John. IJGA put us up at the Heritage Inn, in Sea Pines. Needless to say, John was accepted at both schools and in Aug. ’04, we rented a villa in Sea Pines on the 18th hole of the Harbourtown course, to deliver John to school. It was there that we experienced the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen in our lives. We also love the water, so together we found “Heaven”! We started looking at all the Hilton Head real estate magazines and inquired about the villa we were staying in.

We quickly realized that to get both the sunset and water views, we would have to spend over a million dollars. We already owned two other properties and knew we would have to rent out a million dollar property (which we really did not want to do). Also, we really did not want a large property to care for. When we arrived home from H.H.I., I was telling my friend about how we fell in love with H.H.I. and wanted to purchase another property. She told me that a college friend of hers was working as a Hilton Head real estate agent for “Sea Pines”, and gave me her contact information. Thus, we contacted her and started receiving Hilton Head real estate property information on million plus dollar properties in Sea Pines on the water. The following December, we again rented a villa in the same location as before and realized it was time to start viewing properties. So, I called our contact at Sea Pines and Paula answered (our contact was no longer in the business). I was upset as we had formed a relationship and now we were starting all over again! Paula immediately befriended me, listening to EVERYTHING I said. Within a half hour, she picked me up and showed me a Hilton Head real estate property on the water with sunsets that was considerably under a million dollars, that we did not have to rent to afford. Getting someone to actually listen to you and not take advantage of you is definitely “A MIRACLE”. Paula could have shown us Hilton Head real estate property that was much more expensive, but being the honest, caring, professional that she is, showed me the Hilton Head real estate property to meet my dreams. Almost four years to the date later, we still own and adore the first and only Hilton Head real estate property Paula showed us, our villa on the water with beautiful sunsets. We also enjoy our friendship with Paula and her family, spending July 4th, Thanksgivings, Christmas, and New Years with the Travers and their many friends. Hilton Head Island is very special to us and we look forward to many great times ahead.

– Kimberly and John Goulding


wattsWe met Paula at the Sea Pines Office in Harbour Town in 2004, when we were interested in learning about Hilton Head real estate. Paula was a pleasure to spend time with and was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. With her help, we purchased Hilton Head real estate property and later sold it in order to upgrade. We’ve become friends with Paula and her family, and have had dinners and pool parties together! Paula is a lot of fun, a true Hilton Head real estate professional and a caring friend. We couldn’t have found a better realtor on Hilton Head Island than Paula.

– Al & Karen Watts


testimonial_4Paula Traver. She is personable, genuine, and relatable. She has been very helpful and understanding to me as a first time buyer.

– Holly Strohm


Paula Traver. Tenacious agent, always aware of our needs while interjecting her own thoughts as to what might fit our lifestyles even if some of the things might conflict with our wish list. She made our trips to Hilton Head Island in search of a home very efficient and productive. Oh, and she’s blonde and has a nice car.

– Mike Ryan and Gloria Krolak


testimonial_3Paula Traver. Super person to work with!!

– John and Gale Kawalchuk


Paula is a most EXCELLENT realtor. We already plan to use her again, as a buyer this time!! He knowledge of the area, the housing market and her willingness to go above and beyond to have the early morning and late night showings of the home to suit buyers needs, her helping to follow up with needed items PLUS a multitude of other suggestions to us, the seller, makes Paula the kind a Realtor that your would invite as a friend to Thanksgiving. She helped with any questions I or the Buyer had. Paula had our home sold in 11, that’s right, 11 days!!!

– Teresa


My sister recommended Paula because she had been so diligent and helpful in helping her secure her home on Hilton Head Island. From the moment we met her, we knew we were in the best of hands! She is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and listens well in order to get to the heart of what you really need and desire in a home. She spent countless hours on our behalf helping us find the perfect home to meed our needs for our family. Her patience with my husband, my sister AND myself was impressive! Paula’s enthusiasm for her job and the Hilton Head area sold US! Not to mention, she is great fun to be around and a person you can count on as a friend.

– Trish Edwards


We started working with Paula Traver over a year ago.

Having rented an oceanfront home at Hilton Head for our annual family vacation for the last 20+ years, we knew the area well. We love it. We finally decided to buy an oceanfront home of our own.

There are never a lot of oceanfront homes on the market at a given time, so Paula showed us what was available and then patiently watched the market. She let us know as new listings came along.

Over the course of a year, we made a few trips from our home in Chicago to see the new listings. During this year-long process, we became more and more impressed with Paula’s professionalism, tenacity, and knowledge of the market. She also became very aware of exactly what we wanted in a second home.

She sent us information on a new oceanfront listing recently and we scheduled a trip to Hilton Head to see it. Paula previewed the home the first day and called us to let us know that she thought this was “the one” for us. The seller was motivated and we were looking forward to seeing it only a few days later. Paula called two days before our scheduled visit to say that another buyer had submitted an offer.

Paula shifted into battle mode. She did not want us to lose this one!

She got enough information about the house to us that we were convinced that we needed to move fast. We ended up buying the house without seeing it in person……….The next day, when we did see it, we were thrilled with our new home!

Thank you, Paula!

If you are looking for a highly-professional, tenacious real estate pro to work with you, Paula is “the one”!

We are thrilled new HHI homeowners from Chicago.

– Robert & Karen


I chose Paula to sell my home and to purchase my new home. Paula is a person of integrity. When that is coupled with her being personable, her knowledge of the market and professionalism then you have a good agent indeed.
I recommend her and would use her again.

– Pat